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To find a balance between the existing hotel building and the new designed apartment complex, we gave the new building very simple and concise forms, and the main emphasis made at the hotel.


The apartment hotel includes 140 apartments, underground parking, a spacious lobby with cafeteria, a two-level restaurant, a fitness club, a spa and an outdoor pool on the roof.

Glazed walls in residential rooms, open panoramic views of the central part of the city. The bright and spacious spaces of the apartments are complemented by balconies or loggias designed in almost every apartment.

Status: Completed, 2016.
Type: Residential, New Build.
Builders: Nd.

The designed complex consists of two buildings of different heights and a stylobate part with an operated roof, on which the inner courtyard of the apartments is located.

The U-shaped shape of the yard protects the playground from wind. Placing a high-rise building on the corner of the quarter increases the expressiveness and visibility of the designed complex, and cutting part of the lower floors of the building increases the space of the courtyard and protects an open cafe for residents of the house from precipitation.

Idea of a hotel

The reconstruction of the building required the use of special technologies and mechanisms due to the very close urban development and the Customer’s desire not to stop work near the standing hotel.
Floor-by-floor integration of the reconstructed building with the functioning hotel was carried out using noise protection solutions.

When creating a typical hotel project, it was necessary to take into account two main requirements – the comfort of guests and the safety of their lives. The first provides for the competent zoning of the space, the location of elevators and stairs, domestic and common premises, as well as the equipment of basic and auxiliary engineering systems in each room. The second is aimed at design solutions related to fire prevention measures, architectural technologies, load calculations for load-bearing structures, etc.

When designing the hotel building, you also need to take into account the comfort of employees. To this end, convenient utility rooms for cooking and storing products should be provided; washing, drying and ironing of laundry. On each floor, you need to organize small pantries for cleaning service – they will store devices for daily cleaning. Separate equipment requires staff rest rooms.

If meals are provided in rooms in a multi-storey complex, it is also possible to establish an elevator for food and utensils. Such communication between floors will greatly simplify and speed up the work of waiters.

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