How do I pay for your services?

For any type of services, payment takes place in our organization in stages. The cost of repair or construction is clear and clearly justified. In the estimate written in accessible language is stated – what exactly you pay for, and at what rate. Payment is made in stages – for actually completed, but not future work. Constant work on pricing allows us to restrain skyrocketing prices for construction services.

In what style do architects prefer to work?

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In what style do architects prefer to work?

We have certified professional architects-designers. They work in any style taking into account the wishes of customers. Choosing a style is not an individual solution, but a joint one. We discuss with the Customer all details and his wishes regarding the future project. Additionally, before launching the project, we approve all supporting documentation. So you can be sure that your object will fully meet your wishes.

Who buys materials for construction?

Draft materials are purchased by our supply department, as it has already developed contacts and discounts. The price and cost of draft materials are specified in the contract. We use only certified in Ukraine, environmentally friendly tested materials and process charts.

Numerous tenders, including for construction materials, force us to strictly obey the golden rule of optimal value for money. Many years of experience in the domestic market convinced us that the most expensive material of a well-known brand is not a guarantee of quality and environmental friendliness.

How much does it cost to travel a specialist and make estimates?

The departure of our specialist (engineer, designer, foreman) is free. Many companies take up the calculation of estimates already at the measurement stage. We believe that this is wrong, because without the project, the customer and the architect themselves, and even more so the engineer-estimator, cannot yet determine the full list of works and materials, and the customer is already provided with the cost of all repairs.

Do you have technical supervision?

In our company, the functions of author supervision (control over compliance with the architectural project) and technical supervision (control over the quality of work, resources and deadlines) are divided, unlike many competitors, according to the old good tradition, are carried out not by the architect, but by the project engineer, who, like the foreman, has a higher construction education and is freely guided in modern construction technologies and materials.

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